Architecture is Emotion

It is about the way it feels when you walk into a store for the first time. Does it speak to your emotions and does it elicit a visceral response? Would you like your business to feel that way, an experience rather than simply a place to go and spend money? Casinos have been doing it since the days of Sinatra and Sammy Davis; making inviting spaces that inspire emotions in people and make them feel good about spending money. If your retail space is beginning to show its age, time to call in the finest general contractor in Southern California, Carty General Contracting.

Consider Emotions…

The most important thing about your retail space is making the customers feel safe and comfortable. We have been around long enough to be able to read the emotional response an interior will inspire. That is what we love about what we do. We are able to inspire a certain feeling in others with our skills, helping them get in touch with their environment and simply feeling a level of emotion not normally felt.

safe and comfortable

Consider Quality…

Emotions are subjective but quality is not. At Carty General Contracting we have succeeded in bringing all aspects of contracting under one roof; from architectural to engineering and planning to landscaping. We strive to bring you the finest of our profession, the uncanny ability to inspire with superior quality. We love what we do and we do it well . Let us make your building or retail space something that we will both can be proud of. Make sure you check out our “projects” portfolio for some examples of some of the beautiful architecture we have been a part of. Regardless of the size of your project we would love to help make it exceed your expectations.