Design Build

A design-build project is, essentially, a method which helps to expedite the delivery of completed projects. The reason for this added expediency is a design-build type of project helps to cut out the middle man. In other words, as opposed to having to work with two separate entities, a designer and a contractor, design–build type projects make it so you as a property owner only have to work with a single organization. Here at Carty General Contracting, we have led countless design-build projects over the course of our 36-year history and, with the help of our in-house architects, we have yet to come across a project that we couldn’t take from concept to reality.


During this phase of our construction process we will work together to begin drafting the plans needed to complete your project. Through the utilization of our in-house architects, we gather three separate plans that we think will help to achieve your vision and sit down to discuss the options each of these present to you.


After the plans have been selected, submitted for approval through the appropriate government agencies, and have come back approved, the actual building process begins. This phase of the design build process is fairly straight-forward as it is simply when we take the two-dimensional concepts produced by our architects and bring them into reality.

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