Carty General Contracting Celebrating 35 Years

There are a lot of companies that have been around for a long time. At Carty General Contracting we have been around longer than most. When you are in the general contracting business it is difficult to remain relevant to the industry. The business is notoriously very fickle and will not tolerate substandard work. You have to hire the right crews, you have to finish projects on time and you have to gain the trust of your community. At Carty General Contracting we have been serving Whittier, California since 1981 and that is a long time my friend.


How long?

Let's say that a few things happened in 1981 such as:

  • Ronald Reagan was shot.
  • MTV was launched .
  • Bob Marley dies.
  • Indiana Jones and the Raiders of The Lost Ark was released.
  • Carty General Contracting was founded.

It is difficult to quantify what 35 years can do for a company and we are as strong today as we ever have been.

Staying Power

The best are considered to be the ones with the greatest staying power. That is not necessary true. Those that provide superior quality and customer service are the ones that stick around. People will just not allow a business to survive if they are not a good fit for the community so we must be doing something right. The bottom line is, we love what we do and have been part of some of the finest projects in California. We are engineers, architects, designers and construction planning professionals, period.


Go With The Best

If you have a project that deserves Whittier’s finest general contractor, think Carty General Contracting. You can sleep easy knowing that your commercial project will be in extremely capable hands. We are your one-stop-shop for designing, planning and executing your commercial project. How can you argue with 35 years of experience? Go with the best, Carty General Contracting.