Most remodeling cost calculators do a good job of helping you identify and estimate the main remodeling or addition costs. These include preparation, planning and design costs, materials costs, labor costs and project management costs. Most are also able to look around the area to be remodeled and come up with a complete list of the materials and tasks that will be part of the construction cost of their projects. But there are some other costs related to new construction that can be overlooked.

The costs in the list that follows are part of almost all new construction and remodeling projects. Taken separately, they might not seem like major project costs in the overall scheme of commercial or home remodeling or addition costs. But they can add up quickly, and they will definitely be part of your total project cost.

  • Insurance. You will probably need either an umbrella policy or some increase in your liability insurance during construction. Although your general contractor should carry workman’s compensation insurance for people injured while working on the project, you also need to protect yourself from injury claims by workers and by others who might wander into the construction area uninvited. You might also want to be sure that someone (you or the Whittier general contractor) is carrying insurance on the completion of the project.
  • Losses. Your home might be more vulnerable to break-in during construction. It is also possible that there could be damage to lawn and landscaping, to other parts of the house or the driveway. Tools and other items can be lost or stolen from your home. Some of these items might be too small to bother with an insurance claim, but they are construction-related losses all the same.
  • Cleanup. There will be a large amount of cleanup after demolition of walls, etc. There will also be a need to clean up scraps, sawdust, packaging materials and the like at the end of each work day. Someone will also need to secure all tools and equipment and make sure the work area is neat and clean to prevent accidents.
  • Trash Disposal Fees. Depending on where you live, all debris, scrap material, old materials removed for the remodel, and other trash must be removed from the construction site and from your property. Whether someone is taking all of this trash to the local dump, or you have a dumpster placed on the property and emptied regularly, or you arrange extra trash pick-up by the municipal government, there will probably be some fees associated with disposing of the trash from the job.
  • Sealing off the work area from the rest of the house. You will want to have the rest of the house sealed off completely from the work area. This will be necessary to keep workers out of your house, to keep children and pets out of the work area, and to prevent dust, dirt and fumes from entering the rest of the house. There are several ways to seal off the house. You will want to consult with your Whittier new construction contractor on the most effective and affordable methods.
  • Repairs. Whether planned or accidental, most Whittier remodeling jobs and additions involve some repairs. These might be plumbing or electrical repairs of old systems, or they might be repairs to drywall and framing when a new door or window is added. It is also possible that there will be unexpected problems or accidents that will have to be repaired as part of the total cost of your remodel.

Careful planning and doing some of these chores yourself can reduce the total cost of your new construction or remodeling project. Whether you are able to reduce these costs or not, you should not be surprised to discover that these tasks will contribute to the total cost of your new construction project.