On Historical Preservation

Architecture is a medium of expression that has been practiced for thousands of years. Some classical styles of architecture are instantly recognizable, in some cases representing the culture that created them Ancient Egypt is a prime example of this, we even know who the general contractor was of the Great Pyramid. The historical structures that survived tucked under jungle foliage in South America became what we know as the Inca Empire. Now just because a building is not on the grand scale of Machu Picchu or the Sphinx does not make it is any less valuable to history.

Renovation of a historical structure is a delicate proposition when considering modernization and preservation. The original character of a building can be returned through careful planning of experienced professionals such as Carty General Contracting. Be it a Victorian mansion from the gold rush period or a Cold War era craftsman bungalow, we can accurately preserve your historic building. Now to be clear, a historical building does not necessarily need to remain completely original. In many cases, components must be upgraded to increase the functionality and livability of a structure. We can handle all of the facets of the remodel and preservation.

Carty General prides itself on being the building contractor you can trust and the experience to produce quality results. We will accurately restore your historical building to your specifications. We are also experienced in the field of historical public building preservation. So for your historical renovation needs, Carty General Contracting is the obvious choice.