Outdoor Spaces

We have come a long way as a society. What used to be accepted outdoor spaces, such as large open areas covered in concrete. In today’s society, it is more common to break up outdoor spaces with landscaping of some sort. We are your one-stop general contractor for all of your outdoor space planning needs.

New Construction

The task of planning a new addition, or a brand new building is more than just framing and finish work. The experts at Carty can design everything from sidewalks and accessible areas, to water features and landscaping. Whether your vision for your new construction includes something as simple as a dog park or as complicated as an elaborate walkway through native foliage, Carty can make that happen.


Contemporary landscaping has as much to do with emotion as aesthetics. Outdoor spaces are important to any building, even if “outdoor spaces” consist of elevated planters on the sidewalk. Natural plants and water features make a building feel established and emotionally solid. An inviting natural space is a key component for many consumers. It creates a sense of responsibility and self-worth; the idea that, if a business owner cares enough about the outdoor spaces, their commitment to their customers will be exceptional. Of course it is never too late for a reimagination of your outdoor space. Carty General Contracting has the experience and the talent to turn your outdoor space into all you have ever wanted. Call us today for a consultation.