Let’s say that you are a small consulting firm that is growing much faster than expected. You have outgrown the building and need to add more employees. Business is booming! All of these “problems” are the growing pains that every business owner would love to have. You have found the perfect space in a mid-20th century office complex that is completely ready to be molded into your ideal business space. Your vision is to have an employee friendly space that will inspire creativity and foster positive business relationships. It sounds like it is time to call the finest general contractor in Whittier, Carty General Contracting.

The Challenges Of A Remodel

Additional Upgrades

Your dream has become a reality and your office space is coming along perfectly. As the space is taking shape, you begin to notice the little details that are part of the Americans with Disabilities Act compliance. Subtle things that most of us do not even pay attention to anymore. Carty General Contracting is the area’s premier ADA compliance retrofit contractor. We are committed to providing the necessary upgrades to your property but in a way that is architecturally beautiful. We think of ADA retrofitting as an upgrade for your business, let us provide the quality you deserve.