Metal roofing is a popular choice among homeowners and businesses in the Whittier area. Aside from the aesthetics, it is also known for its durability and effectiveness to lower down energy costs. It is available in different styles, textures and colors that will suit every person’s taste. You can opt for a tile look, a slate or even a wood shake. It really doesn’t matter because the choices are endless.

Some people are quite not convinced because of the problem of rusting. But this should not worry you because the metal roofing used nowadays is made using a rust resistant coating. They are also painted with specialized baked enamel to reinforce protection. These will ensure that your roofing is well protected from rust and fading.

Most metal roofs last for a long time. Some carry a lifetime warranty to make you feel at ease. Other products have a warranty that lasts for about 20 years. But this is quite short because there are metal roofs that have been protecting structures for over a hundred years.


Upgrade To Metal

If you have an existing roof and you want it changed to metal roofing, you may not have to remove the current roof. Because of its lightweight design metal roofs can sometimes be directly installed over old Whittier roofing. However, many Whittier general contractors prefer a smoother finish, advising clients to remove the roof first. There may also be complications with installing metal roofing over an existing roof system, so be sure to consult with your local general contractor on the pros and cons.

Some metal roofing materials aren’t cheap, but think of it as an investment. The material is designed to last a long time and in the end will prove to be a much more economical choice than other roof materials. If you’re lucky enough, it might be the one and only roof you will install in your lifetime. This will lessen added costs of repairs and replacements in the future.

Most homeowners in Whittier think that because it is metal, the roof will feel hot. But contrary to this, metal roofing reflects 70% of the sun’s energy. This means that less amount of heat is transferred from your roof to your home. Also people think that lighting is attracted to metals. Lightning is attracted to a high point and not necessarily the material. So the chances of your metal roof being struck by lightning are the same as with other materials. But if this happens, you can be rest assured that the metal roof is non-combustible.

These are some of the many benefits of installing metal roofing in your homes. It is a great choice if you want to save money in the long run on your next roofing project.