Your Dream Home is Within Reach With Carty General Contracting

We have all been there. On the hunt for a new home and while the selection in Whittier is exceptional to say the least, nothing quite fits what you and your family need. And at this point in your life, you should not have to settle. At Carty General Contracting we completely understand and we are in the business of making your dream home into a reality. You see, we have been a trusted general contractor serving the commercial and residential building needs of Whittier, Newport and Long Beach since 1981, and we are experts at delivering exactly the home our clients are looking for, every time. So don't fret when you can't find exactly the home you want right away, Carty can build it.

Design Build

Many homebuyers are looking for a home that suits their specific tastes but are willing to settle a bit when it comes to features that they really don't love. We say, there is nothing you should hate about your home, and with our design build services you have no reason to find anything that doesn't make you happy about your casa. If you go to one of those suburban sprawl housing developments you may think you are getting a custom home, but in reality it is just a copy of every other house on the block. The process looks a little like this: you buy a dirt lot and look over home plans. Eventually, you choose a home plan you like from the limited options available and your contractor gets to work. Your home can be built in record time because it is essentially just like all of the others. Does that sound like the way to get the home of your dreams? We don't think so. When you enlist the professional design build team at Carty General Contracting you are getting the best in the industry. We cut out the middleman and produce the home you want, how you want it.

Historical Renovation

There is something to be said for a classic piece of architecture. Whether it be a gorgeous Victorain or a sleek, mid-century modern, the essence of the home should be preserved for future generations. That being said, a historical home can look perfectly period correct while having all of the modern conveniences that are essential today. A historical home must be cared for during a restoration and the upgrades should be considered carefully. A proper historical renovation is designed to bring the home back to its original condition, while that may seem easy, it is generally a lot of work. At Carty, we have extensive experience preserving and at the same time, enhancing historic homes and buildings. If you just can't pass up that turn-of-the-century Tudor, we can bring it back to its former glory.


While many think of remodeling as simply ripping out the kitchen or bathroom and slapping up some new cabinets, a true remodel is more complete. Maybe you have always wanted to add a sunroom by the pool or a fireman pole going into the basement, regardless you can add all sorts of exciting upgrades to your home. At Carty General Contracting we focus on quality over cosmetic upgrades. If we find that your home is in need of repair from some unseen damage, we will recommend repairing that damage before completing the renovation. Many times, less experienced contractors will simply gloss over a section in need of more in-depth repair and opt to cover it up. Don't fall for those companies that promise quality but deliver substandard results.

Let’s Get Started!

We know you have an idea of what your dream home should be, regardless of whether you are renovating your existing home, performing a historical restoration, or even starting from the ground up with a design build, Carty General Contracting is your local builder. With 38 years of experience we have built our fair share of homes, some of which you might recognize right here in Whittier. If you are ready to get started, please contact us for a consultation and together we can make your dream home a reality. Keep in mind that this is the beginning of remodeling season so be sure and contact us early for fast turn around.