The restoration of a historic building or structure presents its own special brand of unique challenges that must be overcome in order to successfully complete the project.

In fact, the challenges with these types of structures are so unique that they almost always require a specific skill set which goes above and beyond those that would be required for a regular restoration contractor. The reason for this is, simply put, because there are a great many aspects of older construction that have faded from existence as new and more efficient ways of doing things have been invented. As a result, newer contracting companies generally do not have exposure to historical construction techniques and methods, but that is not the case with Carty General Contracting.

With over 35 years of experience as an organization and many years of individual experience before that there isn’t much we haven’t seen as related to historical renovations or construction. That is what makes Carty the number one choice in Southern California when you’re looking for somebody who can effectively renovate your space while ensuring as much of its historic charm as possible remains the same.