If you need to add living space to your California home and want to find an economical way to build the addition, you might want to consider a sun room.  These Whittier additions can serve almost any purpose and can be installed both quickly and cost-effectively.  This type of room addition is also a perfect way to enlarge a kitchen while adding both space and sunlight. The most affordable sunro…Read More

  2. Carty General Contracting the Building Leader


    Most remodeling cost calculators do a good job of helping you identify and estimate the main remodeling or addition costs.  These include preparation, planning and design costs, materials costs, labor costs and project management costs.  Most are also able to look around the area to be remodeled and come up with a complete list of the materials and tasks that will be part of the construction cos…Read More


    A house is always a work in progress because it is subject to wear and tear as days, months and years go by. No matter how good a structure is built it will need a few small and medium size repairs here and there, like plumbing, home maintenance or yard work, carpentry, electrical work and more. There is a wide range of needs to be done at home that only an expert handyman can work on. There are …Read More


    Kitchen remodeling is usually harder than remodeling any other part of a home or business  – mainly because this is the area where lots of work will be done. For functionality, the kitchen is designed to house a wide array of cooking items from pots to pans, making it essential to maximize space use as much as possible. For this reason, homeowners need to be both cunning and witty to plan their…Read More


    If you are someone who loves to cook, chances are you might be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. After spending a good number of years around your kitchen, you probably have some kitchen remodeling ideas that will make your stay in the area more enjoyable and comfortable. You might be thinking of making your Whittier kitchen more convenient, more spacious, or more organized. If you are consid…Read More

  6. 35 Years of Building Dreams

    Have you always dreamed of owning a custom home. The kind of place with everything that you have always wanted in a home? Maybe your dream consists of a classic mission style with spanish influences, a cape cod saltbox design or even a classic victorian. The experts at Carty General Contracting can provide you with all of the services that you need to build your dream home. We are a full service, …Read More

  7. Championship Aspirations

    It is that time of year again. School is now in full swing and it is finally beginning to cool off a bit. That can only mean one thing, building season— or football season, whichever way you want to look at it. Carty General Contracting is your California general contractor with the experience and tenacity to get the job done. Just like a veteran quarterback, Carty will manage your commercial, r…Read More

  8. Let’s Build a Dream

    You have finally found the perfect spot to build your home. The ideal neighborhood, enough space to put the unique touches you have always dreamed of, and the space for your dream to become reality. Whittier is where you would like to stay and Carty General Contracting is the local general contractor with decades of experience in the industry. Nobody is better equipped to handle your dream home co…Read More

  9. On Historical Preservation

    Architecture is a medium of expression that has been practiced for thousands of years. Some classical styles of architecture are instantly recognizable, in some cases representing the culture that created them Ancient Egypt is a prime example of this, we even know who the general contractor was of the Great Pyramid. The historical structures that survived tucked under jungle foliage in South Ameri…Read More

  10. Contracting for Retail Development

      The retail experience is tied closely to emotion. An attractive, welcoming retail space can elevate your visibility within your target demographic. As a general contractor we understand the needs of the Whittier business owner. Let’s say you have a solid business plan that has already taken off. It is time to move out of the garage and into a dedicated retail space. The first step is to deter…Read More