Kitchen remodeling is usually harder than remodeling any other part of a home or business  – mainly because this is the area where lots of work will be done. For functionality, the kitchen is designed to house a wide array of cooking items from pots to pans, making it essential to maximize space use as much as possible. For this reason, homeowners need to be both cunning and witty to plan their…Read More


    If you are someone who loves to cook, chances are you might be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. After spending a good number of years around your kitchen, you probably have some kitchen remodeling ideas that will make your stay in the area more enjoyable and comfortable. You might be thinking of making your Whittier kitchen more convenient, more spacious, or more organized. If you are consid…Read More

  3. Outdoor Spaces

    We have come a long way as a society. What used to be accepted outdoor spaces, such as large open areas covered in concrete. In today’s society, it is more common to break up outdoor spaces with landscaping of some sort. We are your one-stop general contractor for all of your outdoor space planning needs. New Construction The task of planning a new addition, or a brand new building is more than …Read More

  4. On Historical Preservation

    Architecture is a medium of expression that has been practiced for thousands of years. Some classical styles of architecture are instantly recognizable, in some cases representing the culture that created them Ancient Egypt is a prime example of this, we even know who the general contractor was of the Great Pyramid. The historical structures that survived tucked under jungle foliage in South Ameri…Read More

  5. Contracting for Retail Development

      The retail experience is tied closely to emotion. An attractive, welcoming retail space can elevate your visibility within your target demographic. As a general contractor we understand the needs of the Whittier business owner. Let’s say you have a solid business plan that has already taken off. It is time to move out of the garage and into a dedicated retail space. The first step is to deter…Read More

  6. We offer residential as well as general contracting here in Whittier!

    The Best Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home

    If you’re looking to boost the value of your home before you put it on the market, as an investment, or simply to enjoy a better home, there are numerous options. But, some options are better than others. We’re here today to talk about the most economical home improvements you can opt to do or have done to quickly improve your home’s value! Change Out or Improve Your Entryway Door The entryw…Read More

  7. Our general contracting services are superb!

    Welcome to Carty General Contracting!

    Welcome to Carty General Contracting! We are a contracting, architecture, and landscaping firm established in 1981. We are armed with an incredible staff, and we’re ready to help with all of your project needs! At Carty General Contracting we specialize in commercial, residential, and any other side projects like renovations, sports fields, press boxes, etc. We serve Whittier, California and the…Read More


    Metal roofing is a popular choice among homeowners and businesses in the Whittier area. Aside from the aesthetics, it is also known for its durability and effectiveness to lower down energy costs. It is available in different styles, textures and colors that will suit every person’s taste.  You can opt for a tile look, a slate or even a wood shake. It really doesn’t matter because the choices…Read More